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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Phone stays cool, doesn't crash; reasonably quick. EE support is a different issue. Does what it says on the packet. Reviewed by wendy from england on 28th Oct Worked fine for a year, although I agree with others about the double phone lock being awful. Generally I thought it was a nice little phone. As of yesterday, the battery is not lasting a few hours even with battery saving mode, and I have 6 months left on my contract. In my opinion, the phone should last the length of a contract, or its not fit for purpose.

Can't even use my sim in my old handset as it is a micro sim and my old handset is a normal sim. Won't be getting another one of these. Good on sale but aftercare service is diabolical, not what I would expect from EE. The phone gets really hot and I'm afraid that it could cause a fire.

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Also the battery runs out after 2hours of non use. Being disabled I need to have a reliable on me all the time and it certainly isn't this one. After three visits I was told by EE to sell it on eBay and buy a new phone, this is after only 6 months. My contract is for 2years and I certainly cannot afford to wait this length of time.

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When using the internet the phone suddenly crashes on me. I am really fraustrared with EE and this Samsung phone. Only wish I'd gone to carphone warehouse. Reviewed by Patricia Davis from England on 16th Oct Bought this phone 3 weeks ago a big mistake the phone drives me mad what a stupid idea been back to the EEshop they say u can't remove it didn't tell me about this when purchased waste of time its going in the bin argh.

The phone itself is ok,but the double tap security lock is just horrendous. They don't even mention this in the specs. The double security lock is a nightmare I wish I had got an iPhone. Get an iPhone. Reviewed by Toni Howells-Rogers from Uk on 30th Aug I got my galaxy ace 4 in march and it's been in for repair 4 times and is still not right I wish I never got it worst ever and Samsung won't do anything but attempt repairs it doesn't rate any stars bring back my iPhone that's all I can say.

Reviewed by brian curtis from uk on 30th Aug This has the worst battery life I have ever experienced. We have them as our work phones so Outlook is constantly required and some long calls.

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I have constantly recharge through the day which is also very slow. Not fit for purpose. Would not recommend purely because of the battery life. Reviewed by Kay from Wales on 16th Aug I like this phone but it drives me mad the stupid lock keeps coming on when you are making calls. I have never had this with any other phone it is so annoying. I have been back to the shop and also tried other phone shops to no help lastly I wrote to Samsung and still waiting for a reply.

The main 2 problems though are it costs money to send emojis which can make a big bill and to turn on Wi-Fi you have to restart but apart from that it is a fab phone!! Reviewed by mathew from kuwait on 16th Jul Phone is very good, good performance. Please advice whether its software issue or phone complaint. Is it issue with all ACE4 phones.

Omg it I so slow, freezes, battery as bad as Apple's battery! I really don't even know how to describe this phone other than rubbish total waste of money I would even bother getting it for my blind grand mother its that awful!!! Reviewed by John Steiert from uk on 7th Jul This phone works reasonably well for light use but is very badly let down by its very poor battery life which makes it useless for heavy users. Reviewed by yubraj from nepal on 2nd Jul nice Rating: I had horrible experience I didn't have good signal form the network I went to complain they treat me like like stupid they send me back home and they gave me a mobile number to call to customer service so I need to pay the bill for this call I did try they cut me off the line.

I went back to Uxbridge again so they change for 3g when my contract is 4g so I spend all morning and afternoon in the shop so I mention to them I would like to cancel my contract they said they are not aloud but is not even 14 days so I need to go back again to see what happen and get back the 4g the horrible thing is they didin't tell me they are going to change 3g I felt so desappointed and upset.

I use my phone mainly for texts and the occasional phone call. I bought it just before going on holidays to Florida. So far it's been great.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

The battery is lasting about 4 days on a single charge if I don't use it a lot and it's just in my pocket for the odd text etc. But, with regular use for texts and a couple of phone calls it still lasts 2 days no problem at all. I used it on holidays and took photos and some videos which I also uploaded to dropbox from the states using Wi-Fi in the villa where I stayed.

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Since coming home I have downloaded them and printed them and they are great. I'm sure there are more expensive phones that do more, but for me it's ideal.

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I'd like to know if I can use it for wireless charging as I quite fancy that idea to reduce the draw full of chargers we have a home, but I'll have to check that out to see if it's possible. Reviewed by debs shipkey from uk on 22nd Jun Don't do it. Great phone ruined by a stupid lock feature which can't be turned off! Can't use automated features when dialling as this stupid lock keeps coming back on and every time you double tap to remove it thinks that's the number your pressing.

Reviewed by alex from uk on 18th Jun i hate this phone, the sound works for 2 minutes then stops working.

Is the little brother in the Galaxy range an Ace up Samsung's sleeve?

Keyboard landscape mode. Share your repair story with ImAGenius. I have never been asked for one before,can anyone help? If this not help you, you have a hardware problem. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device.

Reviewed by Lorna from uk on 1st Jun I hate this phone. It was supposed to have been an 'upgrade' from the galaxy s3 but clearly is nowhere near as good. The memory is low unless you use a memory card which doesn't come as standard with phone. Cannot store many videos. The camera is very poor, not only is it poor in the picture quality but because there is a delay in pressing the button and the picture actually being taken its difficult to get a good pic. The touchscreen generally seems less responsive when answering calls etc.

Would not recommend and if my current phone provider had been more customer friendly I wouldn't be stuck with this for 2years! I would of stuck with my old phone! Editor's reply: Lorna, it sounds like you were mis-sold this phone. It is not an upgrade from the S3 - the S3 is a much higher-spec phone than the Ace 4, which is a budget model. Reviewed by stephen from denmark on 29th May This phone is perfect for me because I me not a phone freak and it's easy to work It is by far the best phone I have ever had.

While the 5MP camera may be rated as low-res, it takes truly fantastic photographs with amazing clarity. It is amazingly fast and almost never lags, making it perfect for people like me who use their phone for pretty much everything. It copes extremely well with running multiple apps at a time as well. It has a very good speaker, with good volume without compromising sound quality. I have no problem with the 8GB of storage, especially when my previous phone only offered me a measly 1GB, and if you do have storage problems, there is a microSD slot which supports cards for up to 64GB.

I have only a couple of niggles. However, it has a very good ear speaker, so you can hold it slightly away from your ear to get around this while still being able to hear what the other person is saying. I have noticed this happening with Tumblr and XDA, but I believe there are apps for both on the play store. When using the phone for calls the supposedly locked screen seems to unlock and your ear is able to press the keypad.

This leads to the call disconnecting or the person being called can hear the sound of the keypad keys being pressed. Reply by Keith from England on 24th Mar This phone is utterly useless! I got it on contract from EE and have had nothing but trouble with it. It started acting up after only a couple of weeks; battery draining completely after 3 hours, people phoning me; I can hear them but they can't hear me, calls being dropped, no service in some areas, yet my daughter's Iphone works perfectly well in the same location. I took it back to EE who repaired it, and after 3 days some of the issues return.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Smartphone Review

Both are covered, with the microUSB hidden behind a ridged plastic slider and the card slot by a softer plastic bung. Like the Galaxy S I I, the Galaxy Ace has just a single physical button on its front, which will take you back to the homescreen. Flanking it are touch buttons for Back and Menu, which disappear into the blackness of the bezel when the phone is powered down. The 3. The upshot is the Ace does look rather blocky. You can still read most text messages and emails easily enough but browsing the web can be a bit more tricky as you have to zoom in and out that much more.

Its QVGA x resolution is woefully low, as is the meagre 15fps framerate. As an emergency nice to have is all this qualifies as. For pictures, the 5-megapixel snapper does the job, with LED flash and autofocus for sharp close-up shots. Results are very dependent on the amount of light available but you generally get by.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace runs Android 2. The main change is the arrangement of the homescreens and the main menu. Rather than the a central homescreen with others off to either side, the main homescreen is the left most one. Samsung has also split the main menu, which is normally presented as one long vertical list, into pages that you scroll through horizontally. This is more annoying as the company has also made it so that the icons can be rearranged as you please. Having to do this for the main menu as well just means you have more stuff to keep on top of.

Otherwise, the interface is easy enough to get to grips with. Android is still that little bit more complicated than iOS but you soon get the hang of it.